Course Duration = 90 Days

(3 Months)


Learning Process-


Full 90-Day Implementation

• Live Class Attendance: Members must attend all live
class trainings during the 90-day course period.
• Implementation Evidence: Members are required to
show practical application of the teachings from the live
trainings over the full 90 days.
• Tools Training Application: Members are expected to actively engage with the training provided for All the tools associated with the course.
• Evidence of Tool Implementation: It is mandatory for
members to submit necessary evidence demonstrating
the practical application of the tools taught in the
training. This evidence should clearly show how each
tool has been utilized in their store setup, marketing
strategies, product management, or other relevant
• Documented Use Cases: Members should provide
documented use cases or case studies for a selection of
tools, illustrating how these tools have contributed to
the efficiency, marketing, sales, or overall management
of their online store.
Course Curriculum
1- Complete Store Setup
This chapter guides you through the initial steps of setting up
an online store using Shopify. Key topics include:
Shopify Sign-Up: Introduction to Shopify and account
1.1- Shopify Theme Setup: Instructions on selecting and
installing a Shopify theme, including a bonus paid theme at
no cost.
1.2- Theme Customization: Detailed steps on customizing
the Shopify theme to suit your brand.
1.3- Logo Creation: Creating a professional logo for your
1.4- Domain Purchase Considerations: The necessity and
timing of buying a domain.
1.5- Legal and Store Settings: Setting up legal pages,
navigation, preferences, store settings, and domain.
1.6- Sales Channels and Shipping: Setting up sales
channels, shipping, delivery, and staff accounts.
1.7- Custom Email and Store Features: Creating a custom
email ID and understanding key store features.
1.8 – Marketing Strategies: Discount codes, removing
branding, and choosing between Print on Demand (POD)
and dropshipping.
1.9- POD Setup and Sourcing: How to integrate POD into
your store and tips on product sourcing.
1.10- Complete Store Setup: Members must provide a link
to their fully operational online store, showcasing a
professional design and detailed description.
Chapter 2: Payment Gateway Setup
This chapter focuses on setting up payment gateways for
your online store, covering:
2.1- Payment Gateway Overview: Ppayment gateways are
and which ones are best for dropshipping.
2.2- Stripe and PayPal: Detailed guides on safely using,
signing up, and setting up Stripe and PayPal accounts for
drop shipping.
2.3- Cash Flow Management: Managing cash flow in the
drop shipping business.
Chapter 3: Influencer/Organic Marketing strategies using
3.1- influencers and organic methods:
3.2- Influencer Marketing Basics: Use of influencer
marketing in e-commerce.
3.3- Platform-Specific Strategies: Leveraging Instagram
and Facebook influencers, including fan pages and profit-
sharing strategies.
3.4- Influencer Outreach: Finding and negotiating with
influencers, including scripts and data insights.
3.5- Show evidence of communication with influencers
that have Followers between 1.5 Lakhs to 8 Lakhs (e.g.,
chat screenshots) and any agreements or promotions
resulting from these interactions.
3.6- Organic Marketing: Organic sales through theme
pages, viral products, and social media growth tactics.
3.7- Influencer Research Report: Submission of a detailed
Excel report showing researched influencers, categorized
into different niches.
3.8- Organic Promotion Strategy: Submit a document
outlining your strategy for Minimum 5 organic promotion,
including specific actions taken of Minimum 5 Winning
Products (Requirement – Facebook Page, Facebook Group
& Instagram Page)
3.9- Reach out to Minimum 100 Influencers of both
International and Indian and Message each of them 4 to 5
times in different days and timeframe (which comes under
the criteria that are listed below)
Chapter 4: How to Add Product To Store
Adding products to your Shopify store:
4.1- Dropshipping Suppliers: Best dropshipping suppliers
and connecting them to your store.
4.2- Product Addition and Fulfillment: Step-by-step
Adding products and fulfilling orders using various platforms
like Eprolo, CJ Dropshipping, and AliExpress.
4.3- AliExpress Strategies: Finding reliable suppliers on
AliExpress and automating order fulfillment.
4.4- Product Selection and Description: Members should
Add Minimum 4 Collections which 10-15 Winning Well-
Researched Products that have gained sales previously on
your competitor stores
Chapter 5: Powerful Shopify Apps
In this chapter, you’ll learn about enhancing your store’s
functionality using Shopify apps:
5.1- App Selection and Installation: Identifying and
installing the most beneficial Shopify apps for your store.
5.2- Upselling and Reviews: Setting up powerful upsells
and integrating customer reviews.
5.3- Marketing and Tracking: Implementing email
marketing, abandoned cart recovery, web push marketing,
and order Tracking.
5.4- Store Enhancement: Building customer trust, social
proof, and using tools like currency converters to improve
the shopping experience.
5.5- Shopify Apps Setup: All recommended Shopify apps
should be correctly installed and configured within the
student’s store.
6- Localization and Market-Specific Implementation-
6.1- Indian Market Store Setup: Members are required to
set up their Shopify store specifically for Indian.
drop shipping, implementing strategies and teachings from
the live training classes focused on the Indian market.

Obligations Towards Members –
The Vitgro Learnings Pvt Ltd will not refund (fee) if the
member failed to implement the following conditions within
60 days (Refund can be made after expiration of 45 days)
1 – Complete Store Set-up
2- Interaction with Influencers
3- Adding the Products
4- Access to Shopify
5- Setup of Payment Gateways
6- Attend All Tools Training Successfully
7- Attend All Live Training Classes as per the Refund
Period (60 days) of Ecom Mastermind
1- Refund: Refunds will be made by Vitgro Learnings Pvt
Ltd only under the following circumstances after a thorough
investigation. It must be noted that this only applies if a
refund is requested within the 60-day refund period. For
termination and cancellation of the contract in the middle of
the agreed-upon contractual period. (Refund can be made
after expiration of 45 days)
2- Cancellation Fees Clause: If a member wishes to
terminate the course before completion after 45 days, a
cancellation fee equivalent to 30 Days’s payment will be
deducted by Vitgro Learnings Pvt Ltd. The average monthly
cancellation fee shall be calculated based on the payment
made by the member over the duration of the course.
2.1 The member shall provide a written notice of
termination to Vitgro Learnings Pvt Ltd, stating the desired
termination date, at least 10 days prior to the intended
2.2 Upon receipt of the termination notice, Vitgro Learnings
Pvt Ltd will confirm the termination date and the applicable
cancellation fee to be deducted.
3- Termination of Course/Membership: The engagement
under this course shall commence on [Start Date].
The Contract shall be terminated if either of the conditions
3.1. After 45 Days from the date of Commencement.
3.2 If either Party (member and Vitgro Learning Pvt Ltd.)
Wishes to terminate the course for any reason. The parties
agree to terminate at least 10 days before the actual
3.3 Deligation of Course: The course appointed to the
members are entitle only for the members enrolled. The
course can not be deligated to any other person. If it is done
it will be subjected matter of termination of
course/membership without any refund
3.4 The Vitgro Learning Pvt Ltd holds all rights to terminate
the course at any time without refund under following
→ If any member misbehaves with any employee of Vitgro
Pvt. Ltd.
→ If any member misleads / defame the Vitgro in the
→ If with the Vitgro Pvt. Ltd. Policies non-cooperation of
3.5 Non-Delivery refers to a failure on the Company’s part to
deliver the promised training and resources by the end of
the course.
3.6 The refund amount will be dependent on the extent of
the course content and tools training delivered at the time of
the refund request
4- Governing Law: The terms of this course and the
rights of the Parties either member or Vitgro Learning
Pvt Ltd. here shall be governed exclusively by the laws
of the State of Uttar Pradesh without regard to its
conflicts of law provisions and with the jurisdiction at
Lucknow only.
The member also has to show his/her proofs that what they
have implemented in order to get refund.
E-mail us here for any refund queries at –
Important Note: Refunds are not possible in the case where
you make a mistake while filling up your name & email for the
payment of any course.
NOTE – The member can claim for refunds only after
expiration of 45 days (from date of enrolment)
   Vitgro Learning Pvt Ltd.

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